Why Constant Re-Evaluation is Key to Event Success

As any event supplier, whether that’s agency, technology or staffing, the things that stand between you and continued success often rely on retainers, changes in company heads and contract lengths.

Despite this, I still believe that constant re-evaluation is key to event success. This does not always rely on changing suppliers, inviting tens of agencies to repitch or looking for a new team prior to each event campaign.

Ways to ensure event success

Think of your company website. Rarely do you set out to rebuild it from scratch. Instead, you adapt the homepage slightly, you add a page or two, or update a banner. All contribute to a new look and feel and ultimately, your long-term strategy and success. Yet these effects don’t need a brand new team, a complete rewrite of code or a branding re-design.

The re-evaluation of an event process can follow the same trajectory.

I believe this works in three ways:

Re-evaluation of strategy

It is natural and expected for a company to want to grow their event presence year-on-year. There may be a new hall position, a different team, change in budget or a new company goal. All of which, can pivot or build on the original event strategy.

What adds to success is when the re-evaluation is based on a knowledge of not just what the future goals are, but what type of past contributed to them. Some of the greatest philosophers in the world believe that we can learn much more from the past than we can from the future.

Some of the most successful event marketing campaigns come from teams who understand not just what will happen this year, but what happened last year too.

A re-evaluation that is not just for the sake of having something new, but to improve and learn on what was a living, breathing example the year before.

Re-evaluation of responsibilities

We have had many cases of client success where we were brought in simply to create some video content, or a piece of digital exploration. The second year, we added a physical event technology element, the third, a full stand design and build.

Re-evaluation of the responsibilities of your team ensures that you have the best people for the job at every avenue.

“But they’ve always done our X” might seem habitual, comfortable and safe – which is exactly why the question isn’t asked nearly enough. Suppliers, agencies and people change constantly. They bring new skillsets, ideas and ways of doing things and hunt for continual improvement (if they’re the good ones), which should in turn, be reflected in how you build your most important team.

Re-evaluation within the moment

Something we’re excited about are the smart exhibition stands which are no longer static setups. For a long time no one questioned why, once built, an exhibition stand must refuse to be edited, changed or reactive.

What this has led to, is an occasional failing of an exhibition stand due to an unforeseen circumstance. During the last year at some of the most noted events in the world there have been freak floods, barred access to shows and security issues which would have been near-impossible to predict.

If your exhibition stand has been designed to be 100% wholly static how can it adapt in the face of aversion? If an inpouring of water has blocked off the main entrance, rendering the circulation of a show completely redundant, how can your exhibition stand adapt as a result?

The future of the exhibition stand is one where re-evaluation and therefore, adaptation, happens in the moment.

In all three scenarios the questions is not: what have we always done but more, what should we do next?