The brief: To provide a platform to launch Noona as a credible technology company

4D assisted in the launch of Noona as a credible technology company amongst a sea of corporate giants within the healthcare area.

The aim was to present Noona as a company that represents the future of the healthcare industry. Whilst providing convenience to stand visitors allowing engagement to take place with Noona staff and information to be digested at ease.

Having a strong presence at ESMO allowed Noona to create a platform that clearly presented the key attributes of the cloud based mobile service they provide, but more importantly the benefits the app presents for patients and healthcare professionals.

Infusing Creativity:
The warmth of the brand formed the DNA of the stand design strategy coupled with vital, patient centric messaging. Interactive
Touchpoints allowed for visitor engagement, ensuring visitors gained a better understanding of the mobile service and the solutions it provides.

'The 4D team did a great job in providing us with a warming stand that allowed us to actively engage with stand visitors whilst interactively sharing patient centric messaging focused on our products and services. The support throughout the design and build processes was fab! Thanks guys.'