Everyone wants to be in Club Brightstar- changing the game at MWC

Successfully launch Brightstar into the European market
Reach 300 targeted visitors at the show
Present Brightstar as a global leader in the wireless industry
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From young and ambitious start-up to global leader.

4D was tasked with launching Brightstar into the competitive European Market at Mobile World Congress. Delivering a 400sqm Pavilion and truly credible brand presence enabled Brightstar to connect with over 350 VIP guests daily, increasing the brands marketing positioning. Thus, securing the positioning as a global leader in the wireless industry.

stand features.

Use of tech in terms of presenting a global ecosystem

Pushing the boundaries in terms of style

Atmosphere- the go to place for a chilled out space


Over 350 VIP targeted guests per day

Increase market position

Re-positioning of the brand as a global leader in the wireless industry