How do we tell people what we do instantly?

Seasoned exhibitors PCCW approached 4D prior to MWC 2019, with key aims to scale up and really elevate their show presence and brand story like never before. Challenged with creating a highly functional, hospitable space that instantly communicates the brand offering the design team had to dig deep to envision a space that would deliver, with huge impact. After conducting extensive research and having a series of detailed conversations with PCCW as part of the discovery phase, it was apparent that the ‘global scale’ of their intelligent networks was a core part of the stand messaging. The end result was an extremely bold structure, that still remained warm and inviting enough to host a meaningful visitor experience.

Key features consisted of a global themed exterior structure (the finer details including lighting nodes to represent the client’s intelligent networks solution) with high level branding, warm double deck meeting rooms -with kinetic graphics-, carefully situated live demo areas, a hospitality bar and inviting casual seating.