4D is a specialist exhibition design agency that works with ambitious companies looking to elevate their brand presence.

We do this through amazing exhibition stand design,

created with your business growth in mind.

Because people don’t remember great stands alone, they remember touching experiences and how they were made to feel. We really believe this.

4D Methodology

4D has a recipe set in stone to ensure that the brands we collaborate with achieve marketing results that are the perfect mix of strategy, creativity, technology and analytics.


We get to know your brand and determine what success looks like for you.


Better together. Through partnership we help you set realistic goals that align with your business strategy.


Here the 4D tribe provide the insight and inspiration to bring concepts to reality.


We’ll make the process seamless. Project Managers and Designers are always at hand to ensure smooth delivery, the results you deserve and an experience which surpasses expectations for your brand community.

The Benefits of Working with the 4D Tribe


we always start with why

Which means you get to step back after the big event, confident that why you started was exactly what we delivered.

authenticity is part of our mantra

Original solutions are something we never compromise on.

impact no matter what your budget

How established your event marketing strategy is doesn’t matter, we can jump on board and provide a solution that works.

a friendly team

We care about our client’s projects and make the process as seamless and stress free as possible (let’s face it events are known to raise the blood pressure), all with a smile.

in it for the long term

We like to stick around! Delivering long-term solutions and developing strategies that provide continual growth is where our heart is.

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Event experiences are changing.

The attention span has never been
shorter, and for that reason, now is a crucial time to ask:

what is the event visitor really looking for?

Inside we explore five key sections from the visitor point of view, to help you better understand the minds of your audience.

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whitepaper: the psychology of the visitor event experience